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Public-Private Partnership

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Public - Private Partnership


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Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a form of cooperation between a public partner and a private partner.

PPP is a mutually beneficial cooperation between the state and the private sector in the sectors traditionally attributable to the state responsibility on the basis of a balanced distribution of risks, benefits and costs, rights and obligations defined in the relevant contracts.

The main goal of public-private partnership is to develop infrastructure in the public interest by combining the resources and experience of the state and business, implementing socially significant projects with the least costs and risks, provided high-quality services are provided to economic entities.

The use of PPP mechanisms is currently widely used in the Republic of Kazakhstan and is implemented in all sectors of the economy, with the exception of facilities, the list of which is determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The ratio of the state partner and the private partner is regulated by the laws "On Public-Private Partnership" of October 31, 2015, "On Concessions" of July 7, 2006 and relevant by-laws.