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19.06.2019 г.
Даленов провел брифинг по итогам отчетной встречи с населением

Dalenov held a briefing on the results of the meeting with the population

On June 19, at the Central Communications Service site, the Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov summarized the results of the meeting in front of the population and answered questions from media representatives on the activities of the state body.

The Minister gave a brief information about the reporting meeting held and the questions asked during the meeting.

“During the meeting, questions were raised about the possibilities of citizen participation in the implementation of public-private partnership projects, starting a business, developing e-commerce, and generating statistical information,” the minister said.

The head of department told reporters that the key areas of the ministry at this stage are the development of entrepreneurship in the country, the regulation of prices and tariffs, and the development of regions.

During the press conference, journalists asked questions about the implementation of 10 key areas for the development of the country, voiced by the President of the country Tokayev K.K. on her conduct.

The Minister also answered questions regarding the development of small and medium-sized businesses, e-commerce, regional development, the implementation of the project “With a Diploma to the Village”, as well as the possibilities for banks to introduce credit holidays in the country and transfer some functions to a new ministry of trade and integration.

The live broadcast of the press conference was conducted on "Khabar 24" and on the page of the Central Communications Service "facebook".

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