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19.06.2019 г.
Даленов: Министерством в прошлом году был замедлен среднегодовой рост тарифов на коммунальные услуги

Dalenov: The Ministry last year slowed down the average annual growth of utility tariffs

Ruslan Dalenov noted that in 2018 the price index as a whole was at the level of 5.3%, food prices rose by 5.1%, non-food prices - by 6.4%.

“At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that general inflation is the average price growth indicator for 510 goods and services in the country. Changes in prices for individual goods are taken into account on the basis of its share in the consumer basket, and do not always coincide with the rate of inflation. Also, price increases in each region may differ. It is necessary to understand that an individual basket cannot take into account all 510 items, especially considering the regional aspect, ”the minister said during a reporting meeting with the population in Nur-Sultan.

In terms of tariffs for services of natural monopolies, the Ministry last year slowed down the average annual growth of utility tariffs from 8.6% in 2017 to 2.45%. For example, the growth of tariffs for hot water slowed down from 10.9% in 2017 to 2.2% in 2018, electricity - from 5.0% to 1.1%, gas - from 11.4% to 2.7 %, heating - from 9.9% to 2.6%.

In the current year, the growth of tariffs was altogether reduced by an average of 2.4%. For example, in the field of water supply - by 8%, water disposal - by 6.6%, heat supply - by 12.1%, gas supply - by 8.8% and electricity supply - by 7.7% on average.

"For 5 months of this year. 87 unscheduled inspections were conducted in respect of the subjects of natural monopolies and the protection of land resources. As of today, 32 subjects have been brought to administrative responsibility for KZT 71.4 million. 39 orders were issued to stop the violation of the law on natural monopolies, ”said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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