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11.06.2019 г.
Даленов: Положительная динамика ВВП сохранена

Dalenov: Positive dynamics of GDP was saved

“GDP growth was 4%,” said Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov at a government meeting today, reporting on the socio-economic indicators of Kazakhstan in January-May of this year.

“The inflation rate in annual terms was 5.3%. This is within the corridor of inflation 4-6%. The dynamics of investment ahead of GDP growth. Growth accelerated to 7.8% against 6.7% for 4 months of the current year. In industry, investment rose by 17.5%. Compared to last month, international reserves increased by 0.4%. Their volume amounted to 86.7 billion dollars, ”the minister said.

As the head of the MNE RK noted, the acceleration of the GDP dynamics is observed.

“Industrial production for the first 5 months of this year increased by 2%. At the same time, oil production decreased by 3.2%. This happened in connection with the planned repair work. At the same time, the growth in the manufacturing industry was 3.6%. This offset the decline in oil production. Construction demonstrates acceleration. For 5 months, growth reached 8.8%. Increased construction of industrial facilities, roads, gas pipelines. Also, construction and assembly work at large factories has increased, ”the minister said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Ministry of National Economy drew attention to the steady growth in agriculture. Thus, the volume of production increased by 3.7%.

According to the Ministry, the increase was due to the growth of livestock by 3.6% and crop production by 8.1%.


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