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06.06.2019 г.
В Миннацэкономики состоялось первое заседание координационно-общественного совета по вопросам реализации проекта «Ауыл – ел бесігі»

The first meeting of the coordinating and public council on the implementation of the project “Auyl - eli besigi” was held

On June 6, in the Ministry of National Economy chaired by the Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov held a meeting of the coordinating and public council, during which issues related to the implementation of the project “Auyl - ate besigi” were discussed.

The meeting was attended by members of the coordinating and public council: deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Altaev, chairman of the Association in the field of education, public figure M. Abenov, chairman of the board of the ALE of the small and medium business association “El-Tiregi” Abubakirov A. B., Head of the Food and Agriculture Office of the United Nations in Kazakhstan Nazhmidenov K., Secretary of the NurOtan Party I.S. Terenchenko, senior expert of the Economic Research Institute JSC TA Bespalinov, public figures Musina L.S., Tunga Shbekov S.T., blogger Fedorov Jacob and others.

Opening the first meeting of the Council, Ruslan Dalenov noted the measures taken by the Ministry for the effective execution of the instructions of the First President - Elbasy given at the XVIII Congress of the NurOtan Party on the modernization of rural areas.

The Vice-Minister of National Economy, Yermek Alpysov, presented to the members of the Council priorities, the main stages and deadlines for the implementation of the project “Auyl - el Besigi”.

According to the vice-minister, this year 52 district centers will be modernized in Kazakhstan, which will improve the quality of life of almost 700 thousand people or 9% of the rural population, 452 events will be implemented, of which 233 belong to transport infrastructure, 153 social infrastructure and 66 - housing and communal services.

The implementation of the projects “Auyl el Besigi” until 2025 inclusive will allow modernizing the social and engineering infrastructure of more than 1.8 thousand rural settlements that have a high development potential (reference villages) and where 5.5 million people live today.

Within 7 years, it is supposed to embrace supporting villages and create a more comfortable living environment in them, the population of which will increase by 600 thousand people and reach 6.1 million in 2025.

By 2025, it is planned to provide the necessary benefits and services according to the system of regional standards of 80% of all rural residents.

The members of the Council expressed confidence that the events held would undoubtedly give a new impetus to the development of rural areas, make the life of rural residents more convenient and comfortable and have a positive impact on the economy of the regions as a whole.

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