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29.07.2019 г.
Как улучшить позицию в Doing business? - В Миннацэкономики провели перекрестное обучение

How to improve your position in Doing Business? The Ministry of National Economy shares the experience

How to work regions with business in order to create more comfortable conditions for them. This and other questions on the ease of doing business were sought by the participants of the Cross-Learning based on the results of the World Bank’s Sub-national Doing Business rating, organized by the Ministry of National Economy on July 26 of this year.

The purpose of the training workshop was to discuss and share the experience of ongoing reforms to improve the positions of the regions in the World Bank’s Subnational Rating.

The event was attended by representatives of central and local executive bodies, JSC "Economic Research Institute", GC "Government for Citizens", JSC "NPP" Atameken ", JSC" National Information Technologies ".

The Vice-Minister of National Economy Zhaslan Madiev addressed the meeting participants with a welcoming speech. He noted that the main condition for success is the proper implementation of reforms in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, a full and constant informing the population about innovations in legislation.

Cross-training based on the World Bank’s DoingBusiness Subnational Rating is a tool for exchanging experience between regions, ensuring the implementation of practical solutions, improving the efficiency and inclusiveness of business services, identifying gaps in the implementation of reforms in the field and correcting them.

According to the vice-minister, the differences in the points of the regions according to the rating results help to identify those areas of regulation where the regions can improve their performance by adopting the experience of other regions with higher rates.

At a subnational level in Kazakhstan, regulations are considered that relate to the four stages of business life: opening enterprises, obtaining building permits, connecting to the power supply system and registering property.

Participants of the Cross Training in the Brainstorming process proposed new ideas, non-standard ways of solving problems, which were immediately put into practice. The coach was the head of the Analysis and Monitoring of the Business Environment Department of the Enterprise Development Department Nurtas Madina.


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