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17.06.2019 г.
Легко ли в Казахстане вести бизнес? Отвечает Всемирный банк

Is it easy to do business in Kazakhstan? World Bank responds

June 17th of this year in Nur-Sultan, a presentation was held on the ongoing reforms in the country to improve conditions for the development of entrepreneurship with the participation of experts from the World Bank, Kazakhstani experts in the field of entrepreneurship development, representatives of government bodies and the business community.

The event, organized by the World Bank in conjunction with the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is based on the presentation of a report on the results of the research “Subnational rating“ Doing Business ”.

“In modern conditions, the issue of business comfort is paramount for Kazakhstan. The government pays close and constant attention to improving business conditions. At the forefront is always the question of increasing the opportunities for opening and running a business, ”said First Deputy Minister of National Economy Arman Dzhumabekov in his welcoming speech.

Doing Business is the most authoritative indicator of the state of the investment climate in the world, compiled by the World Bank. It takes into account key indicators of favorable business conditions.

In general, “DB” provides an opportunity to analyze the entire life cycle of entrepreneurship, starting with the opening of enterprises and ending with its liquidation.

The report on the results of the study “Subnational Rating” contains a comparative analysis of four indicators - the opening of enterprises, obtaining a building permit, connection to the power supply system and registration of property. The choice of indicators was due to the fact that the areas of activity in which they appear are characterized by various law enforcement practices.

According to Arman Dzhumabekov, the study was conducted in regional centers of 14 regions of Kazakhstan, as well as in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty, taking into account the degree of their urbanization, population, economic activity, political and geographical diversity.

“We are not chasing a place in the ranking, but systematically reforming, taking into account the tough cross-country competition for investment. Competition has long been not so much between countries, and even between cities. Therefore, the issue of ease of doing business for the regions is a key one, ”stressed Arman Dzhumabekov.

During the event, World Bank experts told about the results of the study, during which a rating was compiled in different cities and regions of Kazakhstan in comparison with 189 countries of the world.

It should be noted that Kazakhstan in recent years has achieved significant progress, as evidenced by the World Bank's Doing Business - 2019 report, where Kazakhstan took 28th place from 190 countries and entered the top 30 countries in the world for ease of doing business. Over the past four years, included in the top 10 best reformers «DB».

Participants of the event noted that according to leading international organizations, the promotion of the Republic of Kazakhstan along the path of reforms that improve the business climate in the country and facilitate the attraction of both domestic and foreign investments is steady and obvious.

Best practice based on subnational rankings will be used in other regions of Kazakhstan.

Reference: The World Bank’s composite rating includes indicators of countries for a number of parameters, the combination of which demonstrates the simplicity of starting and running a business in each of the countries. The rating includes 190 countries whose location depends on indicators of more than a dozen sub-indices: starting a business, obtaining a building permit, connecting to power grids, access to loans, registering property, etc. The rating helps countries focus on areas where they have deficiencies, and investors to determine which country would be more profitable to invest their money.


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