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14.08.2019 г.
Мади Такиев поздравил коллег с пятилетием создания органов государственных доходов РК

Madi Takiev congratulated colleagues on the fifth anniversary of the creation of state revenue bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

A joint conference of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Association of Taxpayers of Kazakhstan, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the creation of state revenue bodies, was held today in Nur-Sultan.

The conference brought together more than 1000 people. Among them are the heads of state bodies, representatives of state revenue bodies, participants in foreign economic activity and taxpayers of the country.

Participants discussed current issues of taxpayers related to changes in tax legislation and IFRS.

Congratulatory words addressed to the QGD team were made by the Vice Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madi Takiev. He noted that “the staff of the State Revenue Committee and its regional units makes a significant contribution to the prosperity of our republic, the size of the budget, the creation of favorable conditions for economic development, and the growth of business and investment activity directly depend on their competence and responsible attitude to their duties.”

“I am convinced that the professional qualities and extensive experience of employees of state revenue bodies, the introduction of advanced technologies of tax and customs administration will allow you to continue to solve the problems facing the State Revenue Committee,” M. Takiev added.

In addition, in his report, the representative of the economic department focused on the current tax policy. According to him, since 2018, work has been ongoing on the new Tax Code, the norms of which are aimed at ensuring the fairness of the tax system, its stability and predictability, achieving a balanced tax burden for all categories of taxpayers and neutrality of the tax system in relation to economic processes.

The Vice Minister drew attention to the fact that the new Tax Code solved three main tasks: the ideology was changed, incentives were introduced and administration was simplified.

“Today, taking into account the changing conjuncture of the economy, issues have arisen that need to be addressed. We have developed a draft law with which we will go to Parliament next month.

In general, the sustainable replenishment of state revenues and the solution of socio-economic issues facing the Government depend on our common work, ”the deputy head of the Ministry of National Economy emphasized.

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