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14.06.2019 г.
Ұлттық экономика министрлігінде Қазақстан Үкіметінің Стратегиялық консультативтік кеңесі мен БҰҰДБ-ның отырысы өткізілді

The meeting of the Strategic Advisory Council of the Government of Kazakhstan and UNDP was held in the Ministry of the National Economy

A meeting of the Strategic Advisory Council of the Government of Kazakhstan and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was held at the Ministry of National  Economy  under the chairmanship of Vice Minister of National Economy Madi Takiyev.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the UNDP in Kazakhstan Yakup Berish, Vitaly Vremish, Irina Goryunova, Ramazan Zhampiisov, Samal Beks, as well as representatives of the ministries of foreign affairs, finance, agriculture, education and science, internal affairs, the Agency for Civil Service, etc.

The Strategic Council is held within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and UNDP on cooperation at a new stage of national development and consists of representatives of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and UNDP.

UNDP Resident Representative in Kazakhstan Yakup Berish noted the importance of jointly implemented projects in the field of green economy, public administration, provision of public services and prevention of corruption, social integration and inclusion, small and medium-sized businesses, climate change, energy efficiency in the housing sector and other sectors.

Over the 25 years of its work, UNDP has implemented over 150 projects in Kazakhstan worth over $ 150 million in partnership with the Government, public organizations, the business sector, other UN agencies and other development partners.

During the meeting, the participants reviewed the presentation of projects: “Reintroduction of the Turan tiger”, “Environmental education”, “Reducing the risk of natural disasters”, “Improving the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex”, “Improving local self-government”, “Reducing corruption through civil monitoring” Kazakhstan. "

The Vice-Minister emphasized the importance of the proposals made by the participants of the meeting to enhance joint work in all areas of mutual cooperation and expressed gratitude to UNDP for support in carrying out reforms in Kazakhstan through the transfer of knowledge and innovation.

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