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04.07.2019 г.

Ministry against corruption

The Ministry of National Economy approved the updated anti-corruption measures plan. The plan focuses on transparency of procedures and the creation of an atmosphere of zero tolerance for corruption.

Atmosphere of zero tolerance for corruption

- The anti-corruption ministry headquarters has been established under the chairmanship of the minister;

- An institute of an anti-corruption consultant will be introduced in each division of the ministry (chosen among ordinary employees on a voluntary basis). The main task of the consultant is to analyze corruption risks in the work of the unit;

- The analysis of complaints and complaints of citizens to the ministry regarding the detection of corruption risks has been strengthened;

- A multifunctional anti-corruption project office with a call center functionality will be organized;

- Events will be held regularly, as well as jointly with anti-corruption authorities, aimed at increasing the intolerance to corruption.


Among other things:

- Communications with civil society institutions in the area of fighting corruption will be strengthened;

- The services provided by the Ministry for entrepreneurs will be digitized, including state programs supporting entrepreneurship;

- The anti-corruption expertise of the ministry’s draft laws will be strengthened with the involvement of a greater number of expert and public organizations;

- The personal pages of the heads of territorial divisions of the antimonopoly and statistical departments on social networks have been opened. More quickly solve the issues of the population and entrepreneurs in these areas.


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