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02.07.2019 г.

Public investment as an important tool for the development of regional and urban infrastructure

In the first days of July, an OECD seminar was held at the Nazarbayev University site at Nur-Sultan with the participation of representatives of central and local executive bodies of Kazakhstan, international experts on strengthening public investment at all levels of government.

The OECD is a forum in which countries compare the effectiveness of their policies in different areas, share experiences, define good practice in the light of new challenges, and encourage decision-making and recommendations aimed at ensuring a better life for citizens. The mission of the OECD is to promote policies aimed at improving the economic and social well-being of people around the world.

At the opening of the seminar, the Vice-Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Yermek Alpysov made a welcoming speech, noting the importance and relevance of the issues addressed by public investment, the distribution of investments between levels of government, local investment management, the investment strategy of the regions, and improving the efficiency of public investment.

According to Yermek Alpysov, in Kazakhstan, public investment is an important tool for the development of regional and urban infrastructure.

“Today we expect to receive recommendations from international experts on how to improve management and increase the efficiency of regional budget investments. Budget investments also contribute to maintaining economic activity in the region, ”the vice minister added.

According to the data voiced by the speaker, in general, regional budget investments are planned based on the goals and priorities of state programs, such as the regional development program, Nurly Zher, educational development, etc.

“Taking into account the priorities of state programs, more specific areas of regional budget investments in each industry and sphere are defined in the Development Programs of each region. We are improving the process of managing state budget investments, including at the regional level, ”concluded Ermek Alpysov.

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