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29.08.2019 г.
Руслан Даленов поздравил коллектив Министерства национальной экономики с Днем Конституции

Ruslan Dalenov congratulated the staff of the Ministry of National Economy on Constitution Day

A solemn meeting dedicated to the celebration of the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held today at the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In his congratulatory speech, Ruslan Dalenov noted that our main practical achievements, generally recognized, are connected precisely with the principles of the Constitution.

“The implementation of the plans will allow Kazakhstan in the next decade to exceed the main indicators in the economy and social life. The authority of our country's leadership, political stability, and dynamism of the economy play a major role here, ”the minister said.

The event ended with the solemn oath of young specialists starting their career in the department.

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