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29.08.2019 г.
В Миннацэкономики прошло рабочее совещание с представителями партии Nur Otan

A working meeting with representatives of the Nur Otan party was held at the Ministry of Economics

In Nur Sultan at the site of the Ministry of National Economy, the head of the department, Ruslan Dalenov, met with an invitation from representatives of the Nur Otan faction. They discussed the draft law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the volumes of general transfers between the republican and regional budgets, the budgets of cities of republican significance, the capital for 2020-2022."

The volumes of general transfers are subject to change every three years. 2019 is the final year of three-year transfers. In this regard, the Economic Department has developed a draft Law on the volume of transfers of a general nature for 2020–2022.

Ruslan Dalenov, familiarizing himself with the draft law, noted that one of the innovations of the document, if adopted, would be the stimulation of local authorities in the development of SMEs, since corporate income tax will remain within the regional budget starting in 2020.

“The second short story. Consideration of regional features. New coefficients have been introduced for this. These are the small number of schools, the potential volume of agricultural production, the area, the number of housing, the share of SMEs in the region’s GRP.

Third: local revenue growth potential. Two new components to the development budget have been introduced. The development budget increases if local budget revenues grow (up to 6% of revenues for subvention and up to 7% for donor regions). Subvention regions, where there is an acceleration of GRP growth in the three-year period, receive an additional coefficient, ”the minister emphasized.

Participants of the event paid special attention to the fact that budget expenditures will be aimed at supporting the real sector of the economy, including industrial and innovative development, housing and transport infrastructure, agriculture, digitalization, productive employment and more.

The head of the economic department thanked the participants of the event for their joint work.

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