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About process of preparation to conduct in Astana International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017

Today at the meeting of Government, Minister of economic development and trade Y.Dosayev announced process of preparation to conduct in Astana city International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017.

According to the order of the Head of state dated December 6th, Ministry developed and presented to the Government draft of order of RoK Government “About approval of the National plan on arranging and conducting International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 for 2013-2018”.

Over 90% of actions of the National plan are planned for 2013. Also, after approval of the registration dossier at the Executive committee of the International bureau of exhibitions in October 2013 national plan will be corrected for 2014-2018.

In whole, at the moment settled organizational plan of works of the Government on preparation of EXPO-2017 exhibition.

Organizational committee headed by Deputy Prime Minister K.Kelimbetov is an executive board of the State commission and will coordinate works of 8 work centers as per main directions of the organization and conducting exhibition.

Till the end of month will be identified institutional structure of the Organizational committee.

Today we also accepting the draft of order “About setting up “National company “Astana EXPO 2017” JSC, activity of which in 2013 will be oriented to formation of the goals, also working out of the preparatory processes.

Besides, nearly Ministry will setup and Office of National consultant and akimat of Astana – direction on preparation and construction of the city objects. Fund of supporting EXPO 2017 will continue its work under “Nurly Astana” corporate fund.

Main goal of the national company will become execution of the conceptual part of the Registration dossier, designing and construction of the infrastructure and objects at the territory of EXPO 2017.

Office of the National consultant will deal with provision of participation of Kazakhstan delegation at the meetings of the Executive committee and General assembly of International bureau of exhibitions, development and promotion of the design of Registration dossier, development of conceptual direction of the activities being created by national company considering international experience.

Directorate under akimats of Astana city shall deal with issues on preparation and development of the infrastructure of the city for efficient conducting of the exhibition.

Fund of support of EXPO 2017 will continue its work on cooperation with countries members of International bureau of exhibitions within the frame of execution of duties as per signed memorandums and will provide assistance in the scientific developments in the sphere of renewed sources of energy.

At the moment with Ministry of foreign affairs agreed the sum required for completing funds for supporting EXPO 2017 in amount of 5 mln. Euro for the indicated actions.

For information: On Nov.26th 2012 after winning the right to conduct EXPO 2017 in Astana, set up State commission on preparation and conducting EXPO 2017 chaired by Prime minister of RoK S.Akhmetov. Already conducted 2 meetings of the state commission.

As per the Protocol of the first meeting of the State commission with participation of the Head of state dated Dec.6th 2012, RoK Government shall in January – February of current year:

  • Develop and bring for revision to the state commission long term national plan of organization and conducting exhibition;
  • Setup company on preparation and conducting exhibition by working out issues on its organizational legal form, affiliation and capitalization’
  • Provide work of the Organizational committee on preparation and conducting EXPO 2017
  • Arrange an office of the National consultant


Work out the issue on increasing financing of the Fund on supporting EXPO 2017 by means of the non budget sources