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About results of works on improving indicators of “Doing Business” rating

On January 22nd of current year, at the meeting of the Government of RoK, Minister of economy and budget planning Y.Dosayev reported about results of works on improving indicators of “Doing business” rating of the World Bank.

Kazakhstan as per the “Doing business” rating of the World Bank in 2012 was on 49th place in the list among 185 countries.

Active works on improving positions of Kazakhstan in the “Doing business” rating of the World Bank started in 2008 with creation of the work group under management of the Deputy Prime minister of RoK E.Orynbayev.

From 2010 all the reforms and measures on improving positions of Kazakhstan in the rating are conducted in accordance with the annually approved Complex action plans on improving indicators of the “Doing business” rating of the World Bank.

RoK during several years occupying high position in the general rating of keeping business. As per annually changing method of estimations, Kazakhstan in this year is on 49th place, again being ahead of China (91th place), Turkey (71st place), Poland (55th place), Russia (112 place), Belarus (58th place), Kyrgyzstan (70th place).

Besides, this year Kazakhstan was included into the list of countries that demonstrated considerable improvements in keeping business for the last year.

Kazakhstan moved up to 30 positions as per “Registration of the enterprises” position (from 55th to 25th), which occurred due to simplifying procedure of creating enterprises and elimination of requirements about payment of minimum capital during 3 months after registration.

As per “Allowance of inability to pay” position (55th place) conducted reforms on implementing fast resoling of the rehabilitation, extension of the period of rehabilitation, expansion of authorities and improving qualification requirements to the arbitrage trustees. Also changed requirements of providing data as per bankruptcy, expansion of the rights of the creditors, change of position connected with continuation of operations, implementing period for accepting the plan of rehabilitation and adding requirements of the juridical supervision.

Noticed considerable increase of position of Kazakhstan as per “Receiving loans” position (from 97th to 83rd). Consolidated rights of the creditors by implementing new justifications for releasing from automatic presence in the rehabilitation procedures.

Within the frame of works for 2013 as per “International trade” indicator, planned implementation of new unified electronic window during export import operations in the sphere of external trade and pilot electronic declaration of goods as per all customs procedures.

As per improvement of indicator “Obtaining permit for construction”, next year considered improvement of the procedures of confirmation of the design estimation documentation and obtaining technical terms including periods of issuing architectural planning tasks.

Generally whole work on improving the “Doing business” rating is oriented not only for improving regulatory legal base for improving position of Kazakhstan in the indicated rating, but also for improving business climate in whole and increasing its investment attractiveness.