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Approved drafts of laws of RoK “About state services” and “About amendments into some legislative acts of RoK about state services”

On January 23rd 2013 within the frame of the meeting of Mazhilis of RoK Parliament, during first reading deputies approved the drafts of laws of RoK “About state services” and “About amendments’ into legislative acts of RoK as per state services”.

The draft of Law of RoK “About state services directed for regulation of the activities in the sphere of the state services and improving their quality.

Within the frame of the draft of law, considered implementation of the various tools directed for providing efficient relation of the objects on rendering state services, also for improving quality of state services.

Specifically, proposed to implement pubic discussion of the drafts of the standards of state services, clear order of development, approved standards and procedures of state services, also order of providing state services through the centers of servicing population and in the electronic form. Besides, for the first time implementing monitoring of the quality of state services with participation of the physical entities and nongovernmental organizations that will provide feedback of the state with citizens as per issues related to rendering state services.