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IAS Taldau

To meet the needs of the population in statistical information, the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Committee) publishes data in the Taldau Information and Analytical System (IAL Taldau).

The system is implemented with the aim of providing the population, government agencies, enterprises and organizations with all relevant statistical information on statistical indicators in a convenient interactive mode. IAS "Taldau" is a component of the Integrated Information System "e-Statistics" (IIS "e-Statistics"). The normative and reference base for the IAS “Taldau” are the components of the IIS “e-Statistics” IS “Metadata” and IS “CLASS”.

Opportunities and advantages of IAS "Taldau":

  •  presentation of data in various tabular, graphic and cartographic forms and cuts;
  • visualization of data under specified conditions;
  • • providing tools for statistical data analysis (comparing data by region and classifications, building a time series and correlation analysis);
  • • uploading selected data or analysis results in accessible generally accepted data formats (excel, pdf formats);

• Search by keyword and classification element name.

IAS "Taldau" includes the following modules:

“Personal Account” - each user has the opportunity to open his “Personal Account”, through which he can create his own tables, graphs, charts and store on his personal page.

“Search for an indicator” - covers a quick search for an indicator by a keyword and an operational search by the name of a classification element.

“Analytics” - allows users to conduct their own comparative analysis of the necessary indicators, as well as use the types of analysis embedded in the system itself.

“Statistics sections” - contains information about the selected branch of statistics.

"Constructor" - allows users to build their own charts based on statistical indicators loaded into the IAS.

“Regions” - contains complete statistical information for each of the 17 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the main statistical indicators.

IAS “Taldau” has more than 3,000 statistical indicators that are updated on an ongoing basis: since 2000 the annual frequency, and since 2011 the monthly and quarterly frequency, which are displayed in dynamics over a number of years.

In order to quickly obtain open data arrays in machine-readable formats, the Taldau IAS has the ability to submit requests via the API (http://taldau.stat.gov.kz/ru/Api/). That is, the user, without concluding an agreement with the Committee, can use open data (including repeatedly) freely, free of charge, indefinitely and without limiting the territory of use, including the right to copy, publish, distribute open data, modify open data and combine them with another information, as well as use them in order to create computer programs and applications.

The API offers two formats for outputting query results:


- XML.

Data exchange between the client part and the taldau.stat.gov.kz server is carried out through the HTTP protocol.

When opening open data, the User must:

- use open data only for legitimate purposes;

- not distort open data when using it;

-save a link to the source of information when using open data.

In 2019, as part of the development of the IMS “e-Statistics”, taking into account the national census, in order to improve user feedback in the Taldau IAS, it is planned to implement the “Online window / chat” module. By means of the “Online / chat window”, the IAS “Taldau” user will be able to ask a question of interest on statistical indicators in the dialog box.

It should be noted that work to improve IAS “Taldau” is carried out on an ongoing basis according to requests, suggestions and comments of internal and external users.