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Press release to the draft of Law of RoK “About natural monopolies”

Press release

To the draft of Law of RoK

“About natural monopolies”

Draft of Law of the RoK “About natural monopolies (new edition) (hereinafter draft of law) is developed for execution of the Plan on law drafting works of the RoK Government for 2017, approved by order of RoK Government dated Dec.29th 2016 # 905.

The law draft is designated for solution of the following conceptual goals, formed with consideration of the proposals of natural monopoly objects, public associations and nongovernmental organizations:

1. stage by stage implementation of the best stimulating methods of regulation of the activities of natural monopoly objects for improving efficiency of their actions

2. reduction of administrative barriers in the sphere of natural monopolies

3. improving transparency and efficiency of activities of the objects and authorized body including from the point of analytical methods and rules applied by them when performing their functions

This law draft agreed with the natural monopoly objects, and public associations.

Execution of the law draft will not require additional financial  expenses from the state budget, will not cause negative social economic and legal consequences.