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Press release to the draft of order of the RoK Government “About transition and provision of the lands at the territory of ex Semipalatinsk nuclear test site of East Kazakhstan oblast”

Ministry of national economy of RoK in accordance with articles 105, 138, 143 of the Land code of RoK dated June 20th 2003 developed a draft of order of the RoK government.

The draft of order considers to provide to “Karazhyra Ltd” LLP land lots of 219, 761 hectares for servicing coal mining field “Karazhyra” on the rights of temporary use of land for a fee (rent).

The justification for the development of the draft of order is order of the head of Chancellery of Prime minister of RoK E.Koshanov dated Jan.22nd 2016 # 11-23/M-450-ZT//ZT-M-14533, 1 and order of akimats of East Kazakhstan oblast dated Sept.26th 2012 # 227 and dated Sept.4th 2013 # 230 “About possibility of providing lands to “Karazhyra Ltd” LLP.

Acceptance of the draft will not cause negative social economic and judicial consequences.