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Press release for the Order of the Minister of National economy of RK dated March 2nd 2018 # 87 “About amendments in the order of the Minister of National economy of RK dated Feb.17th 2016 # 81”

“About approval of the List of goods which imposed with export customs duties, size of rates and period of their validity and Rules of estimation of the size of rates of the export customs duties for crude oil and goods made of oil”

 The order is developed as per sub item 2-1) article 7 of the Law of RK dated April 12th 2004 “About regulation of the trade activity”, item 2 of Protocol of Intergovernmental commission as per trade policy and participation at the international economic organizations of RK dated Feb.15th 2018 # 17-5/44.

For stimulation of production of oil products with higher added value (diesel fuel, benzene and etc.), the Order excludes releasing from payment of the export customs duties when exporting to the third countries of heavy oil.

Above mentioned order is included into the List of state registration of the legal acts of the Justice ministry of RK # 16743 dated April 11th 2018

Order is being implemented upon expire of 10 calendar days after its first publishing.

Order is attached.