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Release on the admission of citizens of March 15, 2018

The Minister of National Economy held the reception of citizens

Astana, March 15 - MNE RK. Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Timur Suleimenov held a reception of citizens.

Timur Suleimenov met with residents of Astana and Katon-Karagai district of East Kazakhstan region who appealed to the head of the economic department for explanations on issues of social and labor sphere, housing, small and medium business, as well as the program "With a diploma in the village" .

Having heard the appeals, the minister held a detailed conversation with the citizens, gave exhaustive explanations on all the given issues within the competence of the MNE. Questions that require additional time for study, the minister instructed to study the heads of relevant departments of the department and inform citizens about the results of the examination.