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Request for expression of interest Republic of Kazakhstan small and medium enterprises competitiveness project Loan No.: 8477-KZ Contract No.: KZ/SMEC/ QCBS -02

Assignment name: on provision of services for the creation of a system for preparation of business consultants and conducting training for business consultants and SMEs

Ref. No. KZ/SMEC/QCBS -02

The Republic of Kazakhstan has received funding from the World Bank to repay the costs of the project "Small and Medium Enterprises Competitiveness Project in Kazakhstan" (hereinafter - Project) and intends to spend some of the funds received for consulting services.

Consulting services (hereinafter - Services) mean provision of services for the creation of a system for preparation of business consultants and conducting training for business consultants and SMEs.

Period: 16 months from the date of signing of the contract.

The objective is to create a system for preparation of business consultants and conducting training for business consultants and SMEs under the international standard.

The deliverables of the provision of services for the creation of a system for preparation of business consultants and conducting training for business consultants and SMEs shall be as follows:

1) 170 business consultants are trained and certified by a provider with the IFC logo, including 50% of them are trained in the Kazakh language, 30% are female consultants;

2) 17 business consultants have received IFC-LPI certification;

3) 2 business consultants became IFC-certified Master Trainers;

4) 18 business consultants have received IFC-LPI accreditation as Assessors;

5) 3,000 SMEs are trained and consulted under the developed programs;

6) e-learning for SMEs is launched on the website of the Partner and/or the Project;

7) business consultants work quality has been assessed and recommendations for improving the content of the courses of the Program, the work of business consultants. have been formulated;

8) the draft of the voucher program and the Roadmap for its launch has been developed, agreed with the Client and the Partner;

9) the proportion of trained SMEs that confirmed the effectiveness and usefulness of training are more than 66%;

10) the proportion of SMEs that improved their managerial and business processes are more than 75%;

In order to achieve the above deliverables, the Consultant must perform the following:

  1. develop programs and plans of training of business consultants, developers of training courses and SMEs;
  2. develop business consultants work quality assessment methodology;
  3. organize training of 170 business consultants for SMEs and testing under IFC-LPI standards for candidate selection for further training to become Assessors and Master Trainers;
  4. organize training of 5 Kazakhstani developers of training courses;
  5. organize training of 18 business consultants obtaining the status of IFC-LPI Assessors;
  6. organize training of the best 17 business consultants with the highest rating for obtaining the status of IFC-certified Master Trainer (2 or more business consultants must obtain the status of IFC-certified Master Trainer);
  7. organize and conduct training (consulting) of at least 3,000 SMEs;
  8. start e-learning for SMEs.

The Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan hereby invites eligible consulting firms (hereinafter - Consultants) to express their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants must provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and experience to provide Services. The Expression of Interest should, at least, contain the following information related to the assignment: compliance with the required qualifications, experience and the selection criteria (but not the CV of the individual experts). The Expression of Interest should preferably consist of no more than 15 pages.

Criteria for selecting the short list:

  1. experience in implementing 3 or more similar projects in organizing and conducting training under international standards, for example, under International Financial Corporation or European Commission programs aimed at enhancing SME competitiveness by training business consultants and SMEs;
  2. presence of 2 or more IFC-accredited Master Trainers in the staff of the Consultant.

It is encouraged if the Consultants, in addition to the English version, will submit their Expression of Interest in the Russian language (at least basic information on the company's experience in similar projects, and staff qualification) to speed up the evaluation process. However, not providing the Russian version will not affect the selection process.

We would like to draw the attention of interested Consultants on paragraphs 1.9 and 1.11 of the World Bank Guideline: "selection and employment of consultantsunder IBRD loans and IDA credits and grants byWorld Bank Borrowers" dated January 2011, revised on July 2014 ("Guidelines for Consultants"), where the World Bank's policy on conflict of interests and eligibility is indicated.

Consultants may enter into consortium with another firm, but no more than one, in the form of a joint venture or subcontract for the provision of consulting services to improve their qualifications.

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the QCBS method (Quality and Cost-Based selection) set forth in the Guidelines for Consultants.

For further information please contact at the address below during working hours (from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.).

Expressions of Interest must be delivered by courier, personal delivery or by e-mail at the address below before 04:00 p.m. Astana time, on November 1, 2018.

27 Syganak Str., “Pekin Palace” Business Center, 010000, Astana

To: Sarsen Kartbayev, Procurement Specialist

Tel.: +7-7172-954694/ 954696

E-mail: smec-piu@mail.ru