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Research Results (2018-2019)

Preparation of the National report on the state of competitiveness of Kazakhstan and the development of a set of recommendations for the sustainable increase in the position of Kazakhstan in international competitiveness ratings

Analytical support of the development of the Forecast of socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the study of external and internal conditions of development and improvement of modeling tools

Development of measures to promote inclusive development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Assessing the macroeconomic effects of reforming the individual income tax, determining the optimal level of tax burden on the payroll fund, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of local taxes, fees and charges, taking into account intergovernmental relations

Assessment of the possibilities of increasing the tax base and sources of state budget revenues

Study on improving state regulation of business

Analytical study “Improving the position of Kazakhstan in the World Bank's Doing Business ranking as part of improving the country's competitiveness”

Rating regions and cities for ease of doing business

Research on reengineering and optimizing government support measures

Development of systemic measures to improve the business climate, to support the business and bring it out of the shadows

Consulting services, on the evaluation of activities, including expert analytical and methodological support for evaluating the performance of local executive bodies

Conducting analytical studies on improving the spatial organization of the country

Conducting analytical studies to improve the institutional environment of the regions by increasing the efficiency of local self-government

“Expert and analytical support for improving regional policy in terms of conceptual adjustment of the provisions of the Regional Development Program”

Analytical support for evaluating the performance of central state and local executive bodies

Development of a methodology for assessing the macroeconomic effects of initiatives in the priority areas of Project Management

Analysis of the stages of the budget process, determination of approaches for prioritizing the directions of budget expenditures, development of proposals for revising the stages of the budget process, development of approaches, quantitative criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of budget programs (II - component)

Development of recommendations on the development of the institutional environment and methodology of public-private partnership