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SPP "Register of Entrepreneurship Entities"

In accordance with the Rules for the implementation of the service model of information, approved by the order of acting. Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 28, 2016 No. 129, in 2016 a service program program "Register of Entrepreneurship" (CPR RSP) was implemented, which implies the rental of information and communication services (IR service).

SPP RSE is designed to solve the tasks of creating a register of business entities, providing maintenance of the register, calculation of the category of business entities, issuing a certificate of the subject category.

The functionality of the IR service is the main source of data on the category of business entities (micro, small, medium and large business) for business entities, government bodies, judicial bodies, business associations and consulting organizations. The register of business entities automates the processes of register formation, viewing and searching in the registry and issuing a certificate of the category of business entity.