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To meet the population's needs for statistical information, the Committee publishes data in the IAS  « Taldau»

The system is implemented to provide the population, state bodies, enterprises and organizations with all relevant statistical information on statistical indicators in a convenient interactive mode.

Possibilities and advantages of the IAL "Taldau":

  • presentation of data in various tabular, graphical and cartographic types and cuts;
  • visualization of data according to specified conditions;
  • provision of tools for statistical analysis of data (comparison of data by region and classifications, construction of a dynamic series and correlation analysis);
  • uploading selected data or analysis results in accessible generally accepted data formats (excel, pdf formats);
  • Search by keyword and the name of the classification item.

IAS "Taldau" includes the following modules:

«Personal cabinet» - each user has the opportunity to open his "Personal cabinet", through which he can create his own tables, graphs, charts and store on his personal page.

"Search index" - covers a quick search for the key figure and an operative search by the name of the classification element.

"Analytics" - allows users to conduct their own comparative analysis on the necessary indicators, as well as use the types of analysis inherent in the system.

"Sections of statistics" - contains information on the chosen branch of statistics.

"Designer" - allows users to build their own charts on the statistical indicators loaded in the IAS.

"Regions" - contains the full statistical information on each of the 16 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basic statistical indicators.

IAS "Taldau" has more than 3000 statistical indicators, which are updated on an ongoing basis: since 2000, the annual periodicity, and since 2011 the monthly and quarterly periodicity, which are displayed in dynamics over a number of years.

All statistical indicators of the IAL "Taldau" can be viewed by clicking on the link to the site "Committee on Statistics of the MNE RK".